The 10 most valued cryptocurrencies today

Cryptocurrencies are electronic money created through open source systems that anyone with knowledge in systems can create. They can be created for the exclusive use of a company or for international use. Their forms of payment have application in video games, online casinos, bookmakers, as well as e-commerce stores, among others. According to their use and demand, they can go up in value, coming to quote on the stock market as is the case of Bitcoin.

Currently more than 700 different cryptocurrencies have been created to date January 2017, among more than 100 recognized that are classified by their volume of market capitalization and are valued by their demand and the amount of coins issued or created.

Some cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin ranked # 17 cost just $ 0.000210 USD and the leader par excellence held at # 1 and dad of all others, Bitcoin is quoted on $ 1,000 USD. Just in May 2013 it was worth $ 135 USD. In August 2016, it had already quadrupled its value of $ 598 USD and from then to the beginning of 2017 it almost doubled its value by quoting in more than $ 1,100 USD, with a market capitalization value of more than $ 17,390 million Dollars.

The capitalization value is the result of multiplying the number of cryptocurrencies that exist by the value of each of them.

Many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are limited edition (21 million). That is to say that the code with which they are mined, (they extract) is programmed to create a certain amount and already. For example, bitcoin to date have been able to create about 17 million coins circulating in the market. This process is slow and increasingly complex because the code becomes more difficult to extract a currency, because of the intrinsic security that accompanies it to avoid fraud or duplication. So it requires more hardware equipment (Miners) that works more time to create them.

Anyone can create their own cryptocurrency, but in order for it to consolidate you need to generate a critical mass of trust in a critical mass of people who support it and help you use and maintain it. The next step, although optional, is to ensure that it can be bought and sold in the financial markets, that is, securitized, traded on the stock exchange.

As users or investors, we have the possibility to buy or mine in the cloud (extract via internet) an unknown and newly created cryptocurrency that is not listed anywhere and pray for it to be successful contributing to it, or you can opt for a cryptocurrency already consolidated, but still little valued, with the hope that in the future its value will grow exponentially as it is happening with Bitcoin and many others and multiply your investment in the future, as happened with the pioneer Bitcoin investors who bought pennies and today They are millionaires 4 years later.

The following list refers to the cryptocurrencies that are most valuable in the financial markets, although if you consult the list tomorrow it is possible that one disappears giving way to one more capitalized today.

We will put the best valued cryptocurrencies (that does not mean they are the most expensive):

1. Bitcoin BTC
2. Ethereum ETH
3. Ripple XRP
4. Litecoin LTC
5. Monero XMR
6. Ethereum Classic ETC
7. DASH Dash
8. MaidSafeCoin MAID
10. Augur REP

We can see the quotes of all the existing cryptocurrencies here:
In conclusion, a new form of online investment is making its way and it seems that digital currencies can be the future of money and trading. These coins are an alternative to fiduciary money, which is based on the faith of the community since it is not backed by any precise metal such as gold (except BitGold or Xaurum, which supports its value in gold). More and more people recognize the potential to undermine and / or invest in cryptocurrencies. More new cryptocurrencies often come out and can be a great investment opportunity as many cryptocurrencies that go on the market increase in value rapidly.