The real forex

We were born as a blog in 2011, to explain what is commerceessaywriterforyou.com how to achieve happiness essayand what is not in real life, and we do it by teaching our operations and real results.

Every day we upload a video with our operations and real results, and we did it for at least 4 years, demonstrating with them that it was possible to achieve the long-awaited consistency of the results.

As at that time no one did, in addition to our direct and sincere style, the blog became very popular in a very short time. Our followers asked us to give them training, so in January 2013 TheRealForex.com was born

In addition, in 2012 we launched the first real currency trading magazine in Spanish, which was published for 6 consecutive years, until it took over the EntreTraders podcast.

This portal is the heir of all this, and seeks to provide information, resources and recommendations to merchants worldwide, honestly, and recommend only what we know and have tested.

Certified Financial Technician® by the International Federation of Technical Analysts and Member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians, financial trader, market analyst and regular contributor to specialized financial means.

Bachelor in Economic Sciences, specialized in Monetary Policy and International Economics, by the Open University for Adults, in addition to the PSEI of Business Management by the same institution.

He became a financial operator in 2006, beginning with stocks, futures and options. Since 2010, he has practiced this profession full time, focused on the currency market or the forex market.